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With IT Company Hong Kong's SMS services, send messages to your customers in no time. Reach your customers anytime, anywhere.

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Premium, High-Quality SMS Services for Affordable Costs

You can modify or terminate your plan at any moment with our uncomplicated and flexible pricing structure.
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SMS Services

$235.04 /mo
(Pay $2,820.42 for a year)
SMS Pricing
Web to SMS
SMS Scheduler
Delivery Reports
API for Developer
SMS Credits
Note: * Any applicable taxes will be calculated at checkout.
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(Pay $2,820.42 for a year)
Web to SMS
SMS Scheduler
Delivery Reports
API for Developer
SMS Credits
upto 60 Seconds Duration
HD 720pVideo Quality
2 Revisions
Note: * Any applicable taxes will be calculated at checkout.

Streamline Your Social Media Activity & Customer Delivery

Social media has changed significantly throughout the years, and new patterns appear as new features are introduced. Therefore, companies must stay relevant. As the IT Company Hong Kong keeps up with new social media trends, you can rest assured that our forms of advertising follow the most recent trends.

Web to SMS
Web to SMS
Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS
Email to SMS
Email to SMS
Bulk Contact Upload
Bulk Contact Upload
Email to SMS
Email to SMS
Two way SMS
Two way SMS
SMS Scheduler
SMS Scheduler
 Daily Reports
Daily Reports
SMS Templates
SMS Templates
SMS Opt-out
SMS Opt-out

What SMS Marketing Services Can Do for Your Business

Not only is our SMS a valuable service to your customers, but it's also beneficial to your company. Learn how text SMS marketing service and two-way texting can give you a competitive advantage.

Expand Your Audience
Expand Your Audience
With tools like text-for-information, scalable sign-up widgets, and more, you can grow a community of highly engaged subscribers.
Sales Announcements
Make Sales Announcements
Text message marketing constantly makes your exclusive deals visible.
Customise Messages
Customise Messages
SMS text marketing campaigns can be automatically customised for each user by using segments and custom fields.
Customers Happy
Make customers happy
Customers prefer to text instead of calling or emailing. They appreciate having your phone number available to text for more information.
Things Easier
Making things easier
Reduce busy work and phone tag. Automation of outreach is possible with IT Company's best SMS Marketing service.
Win Business
Win more business
Boost the lead response rate for your business. Use two-way texting to communicate with leads and answer inquiries.
Collaboration is essential
Work together as a team. Provide individual text-capable phone numbers for each of your departments and agents
Communicate with candidates
Communicate with candidates
Expedite the hiring process. Create a keyword that you can market both online and in person.
Potential Candidates
Invite potential candidates
Profit from the excellent response rates of SMS marketing. Immediately text groups of potential prospects an invitation to apply.
Set-up interviews
Avoid email chains that go back and forth. To set up interviews faster, provide a link to your calendar.
Team Cooperative
Make your team cooperative
Texting helps you save time, whatever the scenario.

SMS Services & APIs Exclusively Designed for Businesses

You can communicate with your consumers anytime with IT Company Hong Kong's SMS Services. Conveniently send SMS messages from the web to any mobile device and utilize our Email-to-SMS service to deliver innovative SMS messages to your customers to inform them. Moreover, you can integrate our API into your already-existing application or website and utilize our Email-to-SMS service to deliver innovative SMS messages to your customers.

Top Components of our SMS Messaging Services

IT Company Hong Kong integrates in-demand features within SMS Services that enable you to improve client satisfaction and successfully market your company.

Web to SMS
Web-to-SMS services

Use our SMS services to connect with potential consumers

Receive SMS OTP and API for free

Get Free SMS on-my-site script and Free WhatsApp Integration

Get Free Email-to-SMS or SMS-to-Email

Send an email and have it delivered as an SMS

Bulk SMS Sending

Send SMS messages instantly to a range of contact groups

To send out bulk SMS messages, establish contact groups with up to 10,000 contacts and send them to the group email address

Add extra customization to SMS

Use as a variable in your SMS to show the recipient's name (works with an integrated address book)

Bulk SMS
Automated SMS
Automated SMS Responses

Create automated responses based on specific SMS keywords

Develop a list of keywords and respond with a predetermined message

Receive inbox receives alerts upon incoming SMS

No login is required to check for new messages

SMS Gateway App

Adapt your Android device to function as an SMS gateway

Through our platform, you can send an infinite number of SMS messages to people and groups using our free software

From the gateway or your email inbox, access incoming SMS

Use the SMS Gateway App to send an unlimited amount of SMS

Connect the portal and your mobile address book

SMS Gateway

IT Company Hong Kong Offers SMS Services and Much More!

We provide vast reach, connection, the finest services, and highly qualified team members who ensure quality is maintained throughout.

Engage Customers
Actively Engage & Involve Customers

SMS Services from the IT Company Hong Kong aim to engage customers with regular SMS updates and establish a smooth gateway between the business and its customers.

SMS Marketing
Cost-Effective SMS Marketing Services

We focus on maintaining a high cost-benefit ratio throughout our journey with your business. Rest assured that our services are delivered at the best price with no concession on the service quality.

Reliable Delivery

Your goals, timing, and budget are considered while designing solutions with streamlined delivery and optimised costs.


Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

SMS marketing is basically the practice of sending SMS (Short Message Service), or text messages as they are more frequently known, directly to mobile phones for the purposes of promoting and advertising a good or service. Here are some instances of SMS marketing:

  • Offers for discount codes.
  • Confirmation of an e-voucher.
  • Store sales that last for one day.
  • Replies to a short code competition.

Sending a commercial, infomercial, or informative text message to a number of people at once is known as bulk SMS. These recipients will have opted in to receive SMS notifications from your company.

Short words composed of letters, numbers, or both make up SMS keywords. A keyword is the first of two essential elements that any effective SMS marketing campaign must have. The client must text this keyword to the short code in order to receive a response. As a result, the keyword is a term chosen by the brand that is short, simple to recall, and easy to spell.
As a result, the keyword is a term chosen by the brand that is short, simple to recall, and easy to spell. The ideal strategy for choosing a keyword is to utilize the name of the brand or anything that is closely linked to the brand. It should always be one word long, simple, distinctive, concise, and free of special characters.

A client opts-in to a particular SMS marketing campaign when he sends a keyword to a specified short code. Thus, SMS marketing begins when a client sends out a message for subscription, and his number is added to the database. Other promotional communications, notices, or company updates can then be sent. When a user chooses to unsubscribe (opt-out) or when a business/brand decides to halt the marketing campaign, the process comes to an end.

Application Programming Interface is referred to as API. Our clients can incorporate the automatic sending of SMS messages from inside their custom-built apps and websites thanks to our Gateway API. Your application can deliver SMS text messages automatically when a specific condition or threshold is met by integrating SMS messaging into your own internal application or website. Instead of requiring a user to log in and manually send a message every time, integrating SMS messaging into your application ensures that a text message is delivered automatically.

The simplest type of text messaging is called SMS, or Short Messaging Service, and it is solely confined to text and 160 characters. It is basic, but is still preferred for many text marketing initiatives.
With MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, you can send your customers messages that contain not just text but also images, GIFS, videos, and audio files. MMS is a more robust messaging service than SMS. Compared to SMS communications, MMS messages frequently result in far greater client involvement. RCS, or Rich Communication Services, which is even more advanced, allows for two-way communication with your customers in addition to using multimedia assets, much like a mobile app.

A Developer API is a method of server-to-server communication authentication that you can use into your software program to generate events.

Your company's 5- or 6-digit short code is the code used to send and receive text messages. Consider it the postal address for SMS messages from your company. It is best for when you are advertising and a short string of digits is simpler for your consumer to remember or input. You can give your customers the short code so they can sign up or subscribe.

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